See more DOOM Eternal gameplay from streaming’s biggest names

  • Feb 11, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

Are you craving more DOOM? Was our giant press preview not enough to sate your appetite for demon destruction?

Well, ask and ye shall receive: We’ve got more of DOOM Eternal to share with you Slayers with the help of some big names. That’s right, we’re here to bring you even more DOOM Eternal coverage courtesy of some of the biggest pro players, streamers and influencers in the world of gaming:


JackSepticEye (UK)

GmanLives (ANZ)

TheSpudHunter (ANZ)

Battle Bros (DE)

MKIceandFire (NO)

Wankil Studio (FR)

BenzaieTV (FR)

Benzaie (co-stream with Bethesda France)


  • TheRadBrad (US)
  • Centerstrain01 (US)
  • CohhCarnage (US)
  • Knekro (ES)
  • …and more!