KingDime represents Final DOOM at Summer Games Done Quick 2019

  • June 26, 2019
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Summer Games Done Quick 2019 is in full swing as some of the best performers in the speedrunning community show off their skills live in a multi-day marathon of level-rushing to raise money for charity. Why bring this up? Well, if there’s one thing a DOOM fans loves, it’s speed.

If you were worried that one of the OGs of the speedrunning scene was going to take time off at SGDQ 2019, fear not. Bonafide DOOM sprinter KingDime took to the livestream stage and showed off a lightning quick playthrough of the TNT: Evilution WAD of Final DOOM at Ultra Violence speed, clocking in at just 45 minutes and 54 seconds!

In addition to his live feat, KingDime also holds an impressive personal record of 38 minutes and 45 seconds for Final DOOM along with some first-place records for Ultimate DOOM. You can see his list of current accomplishments on his Speedrun.com profile.

SGDQ 2019 rages on nonstop until June 30, with proceeds from donations going to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Check out the full schedule and see if your favorite games get crushed at top speed. With luck, (and lots of practice) we hope to see a fellow Slayer take DOOM Eternal to the speedrunning stage next year!