• May 07, 2020
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  • By: Joshua Boyle

This update for DOOM Eternal features BATTLEMODE balance changes for ALL platforms and does not require any download.

Note from the Devs:

Another week of fantastic BATTLEMODE games in the books. We continue to try and provide you with the most balanced experience possible on all platforms and the information we get from players is a critical part of the process. There are several improvements to BATTLEMODE coming soon that will address cosmetic bugs and latency/lag issues that have been reported and identified. For now, these weekly adjustments are meant to address short term game balance issues only.

Couple of high level takeaways from the past few weeks of games:

- Mancubus is fun to play as on all platforms, however, at a high level they've fallen behind being a viable demon to choose

- Double Team Heal is a bit of an exploit on PC, fine on console after the update a few weeks back

- Console version of the Pain Elemental is no longer overpowered but could use an adjustment

The question for us was: How to fix Mancubus in a balanced way without just increasing his health? We decided to make him “resistant” to The Slayer's Ballista and make his base cannons more effective on all platforms. This will force players to use different weapons and combos when dealing with him and will make him less vulnerable to Ballista shots at a distance. The Mancubus is meant to be the Abrams Tank but right now his cannons are not formidable enough to fulfill that role and so Slayers are not forced to use any kind of evasive strategy when staring down this demon. More power and speed to the cannon projectiles will require more thinking on the Slayer’s part.

Additionally, the Flame Thrower’s damage will be slightly increased back to what it was on day one for consoles. (This attack has remained unchanged on PC)

Double Team Heal is a must pick on PC for high level matches. That will be addressed in this update, but we cannot take away something the best demon teams lean on when facing elite Slayers without an adjustment to the Slayer himself. So along with a reduction in Team Heal we will also remove any ammo that drops from de-spawned demons in the arena. So now whenever a player Demon removes a summon in the space by spawning a new one – instead of that replaced demon dropping health and ammo they will only drop health. This means the Slayer will not be “tripping over” ammo so much during the match but there will still be something gained out of the de-spawn of a demon in the form of health. Killing a Player Demon will drop the same amount of resources as always. These adjustments are for PC only.

On console The Pain Elemental is not as overpowered as he was on day one but we felt there was room to return his base charge time on his Dash and keep the rebalance on the upgraded version to achieve a good middle ground.

Demons on Console only will also see their health volumes increase by a small margin – not as over-powered as they were on day one, but slightly better than what they are now.

Thank you as always for your passionate support of all things DOOM Eternal. We are hard at work on Invasion Mode, DLCs, new playable Demons, a Competitive Ranked Mode for BATTLEMODE, new MP Maps, Master Levels, awesome new cosmetics items and as always, continued polish to the overall experience.

Stay tuned for more updates. See you in the Arena!

-Hugo Martin, Game Director

Doom BattleMode Logo Keyable 500

Balance Changes for ALL platforms

BATTLEMODE Characters Slayer.245x278




  • Significantly reduced Ballista damage against the Mancubus from 550 to 250 damage

BATTLEMODE Characters Mancubus.245x278


  • Base projectile speed increased to 100 m/s up from 70 m/s
  • Base projectile direct hit damage increased to 10 points up from 8 points
  • A direct hit will register 25 damage against The Slayer’s health (15 splash, 10 direct damage on impact)
  • Base projectile rate of fire increased by 25% (900 m/s up from 1200 m/s)

Balance Changes for PC only

Team Heal


The caster and teammate both receive 30% health

  • Down from 50% health for the caster
  • Up from 25% health for the teammate


Drops from AI that are re summoned by a player demon are adjusted so that no ammo should be created

  • Down from 1-3 drops for each base type depending on demon size

Balance Changes for Console only

buff healingzone


BASE (Level 1)

  • 720 HP over 8 seconds (90 HP per 1 second), available every 60 seconds
  • Up from 600 HP over 8 seconds (75 HP per 1 second), available every 60 seconds

UPGRADED (Level 2)

  • 1000 HP over 10 seconds (100 HP per 1 second), available every 50 seconds
  • Up from 800 HP over 10 seconds (80 HP per 1 second), available every 50 seconds

BATTLEMODE Characters Mancubus.245x278


Reduced flamethrower damage per projectile increased to 4 damage per hit up from 3 damage per hit

  • This is a return to the original values at launch

BATTLEMODE Characters PainElemental.245x278



  • Reduced cooldown on the Pain Elemental's dash from 8 to 6 seconds
  • Upgraded value remains unchanged at 4 seconds Please note: The round upgrade text states 50% quicker recharge for dash will be inaccurate until fixed in a future patch dash

Known Issues

TEAM HEAL - Current description states: “Gain access to a heal that heals 50% of your health and 25% of your teammate’s health”

  • This is inconsistent with the in-game behavior after the latest BATTLEMODE balance changes
  • On PC TEAM HEAL grants both the caster and teammate 30% of their health
  • On Console TEAM HEAL grants both the caster and teammate 25% of their health

HEALING ZONE - Current description states: “All player demons heal for 100 health every second while inside. Lasts 8 seconds”

  • This is inconsistent with the in-game behavior after the latest BATTLEMODE balance changes
  • Player demons heal for 90 health every second; the zone still lasts 8 seconds

FIT MEATBALL - Current description states: “Your Aerial Dash ability recharges 50% quicker”

  • This is inconsistent with the in-game behavior after the latest BATTLEMODE balance changes
  • The recharge is now 33% quicker