Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #5: Megasphere

  • July 04, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #5: Megasphere

Even from its earliest days, DOOM loves to go over the top. Even with an arsenal of awesome weapons, a cast of vicious monsters to slay and enough speed to bring the two together in a supremely satisfying fashion, but what if you could have more?

What if you were even faster? Even stronger? Even more brutal? That’s what pickups bring to the table, and here are five of our favorites.

5. Megasphere

Most of the time in DOOM II, a snarling, demonic face means you’re in for a rough time. But here’s a face anyone can love: The one perpetually mugging inside the Megasphere.

Despite its threatening looks, the Megasphere is an absolute lifesaver that instantly boosts the player’s health and armor to 200% - twice the usual threshold! Even if you’re a single hit away from death, the Megasphere brings you back from the brink (and then some!)

Most pickups in DOOM II only replenish health and armor in increments and rarely do so above the 100% baseline. This made the Megasphere especially useful for players who just barely survived their last scrape, turning them from nearly dead to knee-deep in the dead in a flash.

If getting topped off to twice your health wasn’t enough, the 200% armor granted by the Megasphere is also treated like Megaarmor (aka Combat Armor), which absorbs one-half of all damage received while you have it – talk about nigh-unkillable!