Top 5 Secrets of DOOM - #5: Wolfenstein 3D

  • May 18, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki

The DOOM franchise is positively bursting with secrets. From Easter eggs and hidden collectibles to entire levels to uncover, each game serves up a hefty helping of rewards for those who venture off the beaten path.

There are so many, in fact, that it’s a near-impossible task to pick just five to highlight, so go ahead and share your own favorites in the comments!

5. Wolfenstein 3D

Secret levels have been part of DOOM’s pedigree from the very beginning, with the original DOOM launching with four entire maps that can only be accessed via secret methods within the game. DOOM (2016) took the concept up a notch by hiding a classic level – complete with retro graphics – within every map in the game.

One of the most memorable of these retro revisits is the first secret level in DOOM II. While playing the Industrial Zone map, sharp players can unlock a secret exit: a teleporter transporting them to an entirely different game. Specifically, MAP31: Wolfenstein, a slightly twisted take on DOOM’s predecessor (and O.G. first-person shooter) Wolfenstein 3D.

The map recreates the first level of Wolfenstein in its entirety – including its own secret areas. It does, however, switch up some key details; for example, where Wolfenstein had guard dogs, this map has demons. Also, while finishing the original Wolfenstein 3D map sent you on to the next chapter in its campaign, this version gives you a choice: Jump back into full-on DOOM II, or leap instead to the other secret map, also based on a Wolfenstein level. This one’s a bit more off-kilter, featuring a Cyberdemon, hanging effigies of previous id hero Commander Keen and other oddities.

Thanks to these secret-within-a-secret levels, DOOM II’s surprising leap back in time earns its spot on memorable DOOM secrets.