Your October DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Oct 02, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your October DOOMspiration Playlist

October is here! As we look forward to a new season, upping our pumpkin spice intake and preparing for Halloween, we’ve updated the official Spotify playlist for the Slayers Club. Enjoy the latest shipment of tunes enjoyed by the id Software team as they continue their work on DOOM Eternal.

Need something to get The Monster Mash out of your head? Try these recommendations straight from id staffers themselves!

Prey – Parkway Drive

“I could go on and on with songs I love that push my creativity and productivity, but I'll leave you with this. My favorite metalcore band was introduced to me by a co-worker when I joined id in 2015. Never heard of Parkway Drive before. First song I put in was "Wild Eyes" from their album Atlas. I got hooked right away and started to listen to their stuff nonstop. PWD was the first metal show I went to after I moved to Dallas and OH. MY. GOD; they were amazing.

  • Daniel Gagne, Senior UI Artist

Get Myself Into It – The Rapture

“This has been a workout hype song for me for years. The same feeling of adrenaline during a hard workout is how I feel about the best moments in DOOM.”

  • Jesse Printz, Senior Services Programmer

Death Dance – Sevendust

“Great band, and who doesn’t like a metal tango?”

  • Carson Fee, Senior Audio Programmer

He Is (HEALTH Remix) – Ghost

“The original track, performed by the popular Swedish rock band Ghost, is a fiendishly creative inversion of a religious hymnal; while the verse/refrain structure and sing-along chorus suggest a song that you might hear at a place of worship, the Satanic-influenced lyrics are much more sinister - even apocalyptic. Add in some of HEALTH’s ominous low-end ambience and you’ve got a real “Hell on Earth” type of atmosphere. This is definitely a song to set the mood while the world is in flames (in DOOM Eternal).”

  • Kevin Malinak, AI Programmer