DOOM Eternal Update 4 Patch Notes

  • Dec 01, 2020
  • |
  • By: Joshua Boyle

Update 4 for DOOM Eternal and DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part One is now live and features a free new Master Level and Master Level mode, as well as brand new content for live events like the Gift Wrap and Tear holiday themed event that kicks off on December 10th. Update 4 also includes improvements to max resolution while running in backwards compatibility mode on Xbox Series X and S, some key bug fixes and other improvements.

Free New Master Level - Super Gore Nest

SGN MasterLvl.ESRB

  • An entirely new combat experience, built from the ground up, meant to challenge the player beyond anything seen in the base campaign

  • Environmental hazards and conditions keep the player on their toes and change the way they think about approaching combat

  • All new rewards like player icons, nameplates, and cosmetics all earnable through completing Super Gore Nest Master Level in different difficulties and modes

Classic Mode

  • Start the Master Level with only the Combat Shotgun. You’ll need to find the rest of the weapons and mods throughout the level in order to fill out your arsenal and have a chance to survive!

Extra-Life Difficulty Added

  • We've added Extra-Life mode for those looking to hone their skills and take on a higher challenge as it's permadeth once you run out of Extra Lives. This is a great new option for those training for an Ultra Nightmare run. Time to go hunting for secrets!

Ultra Nightmare Difficulty Added

  • For the ultimate test of skill for those black belt Slayers, we've added Ultra Nightmare difficulty for this new Master Level. This means permadeath without the chance to gain Extra Lives.

GIFT WRAP AND TEAR Event Coming Soon!

DOOM-Eternal GiftWrap&Tear community 960x540-01

Ho-Ho-Hold Onto Your Butts... Cause Update 4 brings some of the most magnificent merriment seen outside of the deepest depths of the North Pole itself. Feast your frosty eyes on a cornucopia of candy-striped cosmetic collectibles waiting for us all under the virtual in-game tree in our next free Event: Gift Wrap and Tear starting on December 10th. Really glory kills the bah-humbug right outta ya...

If this is your first ever event, Merry Youmas! We recommend you check out this article with a video message straight from from Hugo Claus and Marty Claus about how free in-game Events work!

Updates and Improvements for Xbox

Xbox Series X

  • Increased default backwards compatibility mode resolution to 4k at 60 HZ (with dynamic resolution scaling)

Xbox Series S

  • Increased default backwards compatibility mode resolution to 1080p at 60 HZ (with dynamic resolution scaling)

Updates and Improvements for ALL platforms


  • Added Quick Swap loading screen tip for BATTLEMODE and Campaign
  • Added a third Live Tile on the Main Menu  


  • Added End of Level Event Preview functionality which allows players to learn more about the items on their current live event progression track 

Main Campaign Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue introduced in Update 3 in which completed mission challenges displayed as 0%

  • Fixed an issue introduced in Updated 3 in which players could not access Master Levels from the kiosk in the Fortress of DOOM   

  • Fixed an issue in which backing out of a Party while playing the campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty caused the Party Tab in the Social menu to lose functionality

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed a crash after skipping the Facility Destruction cinematic after the Marauder fight in UAC Atlantica

  • Fixed an issue in which the player can remain swimming in the air after leaving the water in certain situations

  • Fixed an issue in which entering water immediately after a checkpoint save could generate a bad state if the player exited the game before reaching another checkpoint

Doom BattleMode Logo Keyable 500

New BATTLEMODE Updates for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue where the Demon player's spawned-in Carcass' Seismic Furrows attack did not deal damage to the Slayer

  • Increased Slayer velocity when using the Super Shotgun Meathook mod
    Before Update 4: Meathook.BeforeUpdate4 After Update 4: Meathook.Update4

BATTLEMODE Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue where the player Archvile's fireballs may follow a canted trajectory when fired at an angle through the Flame Wall  

  • Fixed an issue where the milestones, "Extinction-Level Slayer" and "Aggressive Transfusion" did not track progress in BATTLEMODE   

  • Fixed an issue where resetting Demon controls to default only reset the Archvile controls  

  • Fixed an issue where the Slayer player nameplate would sometimes briefly linger on the demon player’s HUD after a teleport  

  • Fixed an issue on PC in BATTLEMODE where the playable Revenant’s self-damage was much lower than expected 

Known Issues - ALL platforms

  • Issue: I’m a Windows Store/Windows GamePass customer and noticed that game invites from the Xbox Live app aren’t working. Is there anything I can do about this?

Resolution: This is a known issue that we are working with our partners on the Xbox team to resolve. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Issue: I’ve noticed that a community-created mod I’ve been playing no longer works after the latest update.

Resolution: DOOM Eternal doesn’t officially support community created mods. Community mods may not function as expected.

Known Issues - PC Only

  • Users with NVIDIA GPU drivers from before 11/5/20 may experience more performance hitches or instability than previously

Workaround: If you have an NVIDIA GPU and are experiencing degraded performance or stability after installing Update 4, we highly recommend you update to the GeForce 457.03 drivers