New Add-On Available: BTSX, Episode 2!

  • Aug 13, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

With Add-ons, you can enjoy curated episodes and megawads for our re-releases of DOOM (1993) and DOOM II! Add-Ons can be downloaded free from the Main Menu, hooking you up with even more pulse-pounding action to enjoy from over 25 years of community-created excellence! For more information on Add-Ons, check out our official FAQ

Following the first episode of BTSX joining our expanding list of Add-ons, we’re excited to bring the follow-up chapter, BTSX, Episode 2, to our re-release of DOOM II!

BTSX, Episode 2

DE BTSX ep2 in-body 1

Episode 1 may have left you within an inch of your life, escaping a watery grave and the forces of Hell itself, but don’t expect the sequel to go any lighter on you! This no-holds-barred WAD brings 27 new levels in new environments, pushing what Episode 1 started into new directions.

Brave alien ruins, navigate the dark side of a mysterious planet, explore abandoned researched outposts and gothic temples and of course, battle a whooole bunch of demons. But hey, talk is cheap; put your classic FPS skills to the test and download this free Add-on for DOOM II today!

DE BTSX ep2 in-body 2

Learn more about BTSX, Episode 2 on DoomWorld and if you missed it, go back and check out our exclusive interview with Sarah “esselfortium” Mancuso, BTSX’s project lead. Until next time, be sure to keep it locked to the Slayers Club for all things DOOM!