The GUERILLA WARFLAIR in-game event is now live in DOOM Eternal

  • Sept 16, 2021
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Blend in with the foliage or come out guns a-blazing with DOOM Eternal’s next in-game event! Several new colorful and camouflaged cosmetics are here for you to unlock – prepare for GUERILLA WARFLAIR.

DOOM-Eternal GUERILLA-WARFLAIR community 960x1360-01-EN

Until October 14, earn XP by playing DOOM Eternal and unlock new cosmetics in-game like the Venomous Marauder, Corrupted Archvile, Tropical Slayer and the Sgt. Pain Pain Elemental Master Collection!

Earn XP by beating campaign levels, completing BATTLEMODE matches and crushing weekly challenges. The more XP you net, the more of GUERILLA WARFLAIR’s content you unlock! Don’t let this event sneak by – these unlockables are available for a limited time only.