Hit the jackpot in DOOM Eternal’s LAST CHANCE: VIVA LAS VEGA mini-event

  • Dec 02, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

All bets are off, because we have another LAST CHANCE mini-event for you Slayers to dive into! Earn XP and unlock cosmetics from our past VIVA LAS VEGA event during LAST CHANCE: VIVA LAS VEGA!

From now until December 9, players can earn XP and unlock in-game goodies for DOOM Eternal such as the Galaxy Sprinkles Slayer, Tiger Pain Elemental and the King Mancubus Master Collection! As per usual, XP thresholds are adjusted so that it’s possible to earn all of VIVA LAS VEGA’s collectibles within the span of the LAST CHANCE mini-event.

DE Last Chance VIVA in-body

But how do you rack up XP? Easy, by playing DOOM Eternal! Complete levels, BATTLEMODE matches and weekly challenges in the game to score XP and earn rewards. Once LAST CHANCE: VIVA LAS VEGA has concluded, the contents of this mini-event will be bundled together for purchase on platform-specific digital stores. If you’ve been eyeing that pompadour-sporting Mancubus, there’s no time like the present to jump into DOOM Eternal and start earning those rewards while they last!