Kick into high gear with the Hot Rod Slayer!

  • July 24, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

We’ve likened playing DOOM to slamming the pedal on a lime-green Lamborghini but when it comes to the DOOM Slayer himself, we think his vehicle equivalent is a bit more…classic.

Shift into top gear with The Hot Rod Slayer Skin, available via Twitch drop for Prime members today! And yes, the flame decals make it go faster (at least we think so.)

DE Hot Rod Slayer in-body 1

This skin for DOOM Eternal can be yours through Twitch until August 20. Like its namesake, this Hot Rod has plenty going on under the hood! In addition to the Slayer skin, you’ll also receive the Hot Rod Ballista Skin, “Gear Head” Icon and “Tearin’ It Up” Title.

Grab the Hot Rod Slayer skin directly from Twitch and follow the instructions on the official site. You will need an active Prime membership and your Bethesda.net account linked to your Twitch account to claim this drop.