Becoming the DOOM Slayer for Halloween? Don’t forget our official cosplay guide!

  • Oct 25, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

It’s a scientifically proven law of nature that the more impressive your costume, the more candy you get trick or treating. Should you plan on going as the DOOM Slayer this Halloween, we here at the Slayers Club want to ensure you’re getting as many sweets – and high fives – as possible.

The DOOM community already brings a strong costume game – check out our coverage of DOOM cosplayers at DOOMCon and Nathan DeLuca’s incredible Praetor Suit recreation for more on that – but with our official, handy-dandy cosplay guide, your Halloween fit can have Gauss Cannon-levels of precision.

DE Cosplay Guide in-body

Note that we not only include detailed information on the armor’s colors, but also materials! That said, no sweat if your costume ain’t perfect. We feel that dressing up for Halloween, just like playing DOOM, is all about fun first.