Ripped & Tear #8 – Fewer Carpal Ills, More Caco Kills

  • Mar 16, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Ripped & Tear #8 – Fewer Carpal Ills, More Caco Kills

Super Shotguns and chainsaws are all well and good, but few demon killin’ instruments are as fine-tuned and effective as the DOOM Slayer himself. While we (thankfully) have no need to rip apart demons by hand, we can still break down the science of the Slayer’s impressive physique and see what we can apply to our own. This is Ripped & Tear!

Ripped & Tear has been a fun exploration for the Slayers Club, diving into the anatomical science that propels the DOOM Slayer, the ultimate specimen in fitness and pure demon-destroying prowess. With DOOM Eternal on the horizon, it’s time we focus on you: The Slayers Club community. With this final look at enhancing our slaying capacity, we look at avoiding the physiological bane of many a shooter fan: wrist pain.

Wrist Rockets

The carpal region of the wrist refers to the bones, joints and ligaments in the area connecting the hand to the forearm. These joints and ligaments are essential for many key movements of the hand (such as going side-to-side) as well as providing strength and flexibility. Repetitive or excessive movement in these areas can cause soreness, strain or in some cases, pressure on the median nerve of the wrist that could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or other serious repetitive stress injuries (RSIs).

They key to keeping your strafing hands strong? Just a few good habits. First, exercising the wrist and hands before and after playing can keep the ligaments limber. Taking breaks and ensuring your hands are in a comfortable position – regardless if it’s a controller or a keyboard-and-mouse setup – are also crucial to ensure you’re still in peak shape to RAZE HELL against any horde of demons that come your way.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your physician before making changes to your diet or beginning any physical fitness regimen and/or rigorous activity. Stop immediately if you feel faint, dizzy, pain or shortness of breath while exercising. This series is intended for entertainment purposes and does not replace the advice of healthcare professionals. ZeniMax Media and its partners are not responsible for any injuries that may occur from attempting exercises shown on this website.