Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #2: Praetor Tokens

  • July 07, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #2: Praetor Tokens

Even from its earliest days, DOOM loves to go over the top. Even with an arsenal of awesome weapons, a cast of vicious monsters to slay and enough speed to bring the two together in a supremely satisfying fashion, but what if you could have more?

What if you were even faster? Even stronger? Even more brutal? That’s what pickups bring to the table, and here are five of our favorites.

2. Praetor Tokens

DOOM (2016) harkens back to the frenzied, all-out gameplay of the original DOOM (1993), but was so much more than a remake of a classic. While classic elements of the franchise made their modern debut, DOOM (2016) also brought several new additions to the DOOM formula, to include new enemies, new weapons and new moves.

One of the biggest new features was the robust upgrade system. By completing challenges and exploring the environment, the DOOM Slayer could improve upon his Praetor Suit, equipment and arsenal of weapons, refining it into the perfect combination of demon-killin’ gear to support the player’s style.

Among these upgrades were powerful, but rare, Praetor Tokens. By finding well-hidden bodies of UAC Elite Guards, the Slayer repurposes the Tokens to make extensive upgrades to his own Praetor Suit. These upgrades allow him to add to his already impressive list of feats, such as switching weapons faster, using power-ups for longer and even finding secrets (such as more Tokens!) more easily.

Praetor Tokens and upgrades may have been a surprise at first, considering such systems are more common in role-playing games than shooters, but when each ability makes the Slayer even better at, well, slaying, here’s nothing more ‘DOOM’ than that.