What is id Software thankful for?

  • Nov 28, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Thanksgiving season is here in the ‘States and that means eating copious amounts of pie and passing out on the couch. Upon resurrecting from the food coma, we guess it’s also custom to take stock of the things in life we’re grateful for. To mark the occasion, the team at id Software reflected on the things they’re thankful for. We encourage you to join us as we give thanks to all our friends, family and more!


“I am thankful to be working with a badass team on DOOM Eternal,” says Colin, Senior Concept Artist. QA Contractor Grace Suárez joins in, saying, “I'm so thankful for my teammates. They brighten my day every time I see them!”


It’s not just co-workers – members of the id team are also supported by their families. “I’m thankful for my loving, caring wife and my amazing daughter,” says Jeff Farrand, Principle Gameplay Programmer. “I'm thankful for my tiny dog and new apartment!” adds QA Tester Aaron Shurmon II.


“I'm thankful for the DOOM modding community who keep making the most incredible content out there,” says Systems Designer Roberto Garcia-Lago. Todd Boyce, Senior FX Artist, also gives a shout-out to the talented DOOM content creators out there. “Youtubers like Midnight and RipNTear Gaming motivate me to do my best,” says Todd.

That’s enough being sincere and sappy for now - go enjoy some desserts and nice long nap!