Enter the Year of DOOM with the Slayers Club

  • Apr 17, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhem

You didn’t think we were done celebrating over 25 years of DOOM, did you?

What better way to commemorate DOOM’s legacy and the impending arrival of DOOM Eternal than a party worthy of the Slayer – our biggest, baddest and boldest celebration of all things DOOM!

The Year of DOOM

You heard us. This year belongs to DOOM. The Slayers Club website has evolved to bring you nonstop DOOM content to enjoy and even reward you for participating along with the world’s fellow Slayers.

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Earn points, rank up, win stuff

Members of the Slayers Club (you’ve signed up, right?) can earn Slayer Points for everything they do on the site. Join in on special in-game challenges for DOOM (2016), read articles, watch videos or even submit your best fan art – it all earns you Points!

Once you’ve accrued the right amount of Slayer Points, you rank up! Your Slayers Club rank isn’t just a way to measure up with your fellow Slayers – ranking up could also earn you special in-game content, including unique Slayer skins for DOOM Eternal when the game launches!

Slayers Club members can also earn entries for the monthly prize pool, containing all kinds of DOOM goodies such as t-shirts, vinyl records, DOOM Slayer figures and much, much more.

So what are you waiting for? Polish off that Praetor Suit, warm up your strafing fingers and be sure to check back in each day to SlayersClub.com – the Year of DOOM is here!

Certain digital rewards and monthly sweepstakes may not be available in your country. Other limitations and exclusions apply. Learn more by reading the official rules.