Your January DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Jan 03, 2020
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your January DOOMspiration Playlist

Happy New Year, Slayers! Let’s kick off 2020 with the official Slayers Club Spotify playlist, updated with another batch of fresh tracks.

Need a starter track to kick things off? Check out these recs straight from members of the DOOM Eternal team:

The Mandalorian – Ludwig Goransson

“The show is hot fire and has one hell of a soundtrack. Plus, the Mandalorian is like the DOOMGuy of Star Wars. Never removes his helmet, has a Flame Belch and is trying to acquire armor shards.”

  • Adam S., Associate Software Developer

Danny Don’t You Know – Ninja Sex Party

“Just a fun upbeat song that talks about even if you're a kid who is a giant nerd, you can grow up to fulfill your dreams and do what you love to do!”

  • Macauley H., QA Tester

Rain is Falling – Electric Light Orchestra

“I find myself imagining the Slayer walking through Hell on Earth with this song playing to juxtapose the environment.”

  • Brock Thorne, QA Tester

Jambi - TOOL

“The tone and speed of the track is just so damn good. Helps me focus when working through issues.”

  • Alex Brandt, IT Support Manager

Prancer – The Dillinger Escape Plan

“It’s pure chaos.”

  • Paul Slinger, Senior Tools Programmer