Gallop into battle as the DOOMicorn with Twitch Prime!

  • Mar 10, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

In DOOM Eternal, one hope remains for the survival of Earth against Hell’s onslaught: The DOOM Slayer. Fighting off demons is hard work, so why not show your fun side while you’re at it with a special in-game skin through Twitch: The DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection!

Starting March 20, claim the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection for DOOM Eternal, exclusive to Prime members. In addition to the DOOMicorn Slayer skin, this content drop contains a host of magically menacing cosmetics! Catch opponents off-guard in BATTLEMODE with the Clip Clop Stance animation or show off your Magic Meadow base podium – an upgradable platform for displaying your favorite skins.

The DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection includes:

  • ‘DOOMicorn’ Slayer Skin
  • ‘Purple Pony’ Skin Variant
  • ‘Night-mare’ Skin Variant
  • ‘Magic Meadow’ Base Podium
  • ‘For Those Who Dare to Dream!’ Maxed-Out Podium
  • ‘Clip Clop’ Stance Animation
  • ‘Haymaker’ Intro Animation
  • ‘Horsing Around’ Victory Animation
  • ‘Love Conquers All’ Player Icon
  • ‘Super Sparkle Slayer’ Nameplate & Title

To unlock this sweet Prime content, simply link your Bethesda.net account to your Twitch account with Prime membership and claim the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection directly from Twitch between March 20 and April 21.