Earn rewards in DOOM Eternal’s SPRING MEGA EVENT 2023

  • Mar 09, 2023
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Put on your slaying boots, it’s time for the SPRING MEGA EVENT! Players can now earn XP just by playing the game to earn rewards from not one, but four prior DOOM Eternal events.

DE Spring Mega cropped in-body

Until June 15, players can earn XP to earn cosmetic rewards from our SLIME TIME, FLANNEL CANNON, PLASMA POWERED and RETURN TO CASTLE GRAYSCALE events. Progress through the event to earn a suite of in-game goodies including the Lumberjack Marauder Master Collection, the Oozeville Archvile, the UAC Tech Revenant Master Collection and much more!

How do you earn XP? Doing what the DOOM Slayer does best: Taking out demons! Play the game, finish campaign levels, compete in BATTLEMODE matches and complete challenges to earn XP for your efforts. Jump into DOOM Eternal today and start earning rewards with the SPRING MEGA EVENT!