Year of DOOM Fan Art Shout-Outs, Vol. V

  • Dec 26, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Year of DOOM Fan Art Shout-Outs, Vol. V

As we approach the end of the Year of DOOM, we want to take a moment to give props to all you amazing artists in the Slayers Club who sent us your art. The Slayers Club is here to stay, but we thought we would close out this year by bringing some special attention to some of the DOOM fan art that’s caught our eye. PRO TIP: Open each image in a new tab to enjoy them in their full-sized glory!

Claytonamor56 in-body

Claytonamor65 brings together the classic and the modern with this inky rendition of the old-school DOOMGuy and the current-day DOOM Slayer. A lot’s changed in 25 years, but one thing’s stayed the same: if you’re a demon, you better watch out.

LordMelda in-body

Few things say you’re passionate for DOOM quite like getting a DOOM tattoo – this image courtesy of LordMelda shows that the DOOM Slayer looks just as good giving demons the beatdown on your shoulder as he does on the cover of DOOM (2016).

Letalmatrix in-body

Submitted by Letalmatrix, this take on the iconic DOOM (1993) cover swaps the art style for something out of a 1930s’ Fleischer Studios cartoon. The Imps may look a lot cuter, but you can tell they still have a mischievous streak to ‘em!

TioMontague in-body

We love the detail in this piece by TioMontague, from the intricate linework to the palette to the how the Slayer’s portrait is positioned against some of his fiercest foes. Bravo!

It’s not too late to show off your skills – We’re still holding fan art submissions in 2020, so check the Slayers Club fan art page for details on how to post your latest masterpiece, as well as see even more great works from your fellow Slayers!