Your May DOOMspiration Playlist

  • May 01, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Your May DOOMspiration Playlist

We promised, and now we deliver – the official DOOMspiration Spotify playlist, full of the tunes that pump up, chill out or just plain stick with the id Software team as they work on DOOM Eternal, just expanded!

As expected, this month’s dosage of DOOM contains a wealth of facemelting goodness. However, genres outside the metal scene also spice up the list, from hip-hop to synthwave to even mambo.

Check out the bigger and better DOOMspiration playlist HERE and make your day-to-day that much more DOOMy. To get the ball rolling, here are some id staff testimonials guiding you through the mix’s highlighted additions:

“Breathing Lightning” – Anthrax

“I feel like this is a good song to look at the mindset of the Slayer. A man who has for eons fought with the singular purpose of bringing down the hordes of Hell. He may become beaten and battered but will never stop at his pursuit to kill every last demon.”

  • Justin Green, Senior QA Tester

“Mambo Gallego” – Tito Puente

“Gameplay is all about the flow, with combat ups and downs. This song is such a great inspiration of how to weave that flow into a single cohesive experience.”

  • Roberto Garcia-Largo, Systems Designer

“Dangerous” – Big Data

“The driving bass line just motivates me, keeps me pushing forward. And even though I think the song is about being emotionally dangerous, there's something about a song about being dangerous that feels very DOOM.”

  • Jesse Printz, Senior Services Programmer

“Diamond” – Lorn

*“I stumbled on the music video for this song in a random YouTube playlist and was instantly entranced; it plays like the soundtrack to an imaginary 8-bit video game, in which the player is haunted by some malevolent, reality-altering demonic presence.”

“From the creepy distorted vocals to the climactic synth-y outro, this song tells a story of desperate search for safety in a hostile world. Lorn’s music conjures up images of otherworldly, twisted places -- which puts me in the right mindset for DOOM development!” *

  • Kevin Malinak, AI Programmer

“Burn” – The Cure

“I'm a sucker for The Cure, and The Crow is objectively the best movie of all time.”

  • Dane Hellyer, Associate Producer