Your February DOOMspiration Playlist

  • Feb 17, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

We at Slayers Club HQ enjoy a wide range of music that pumps us up for working on all things DOOM, but it’s hard to deny how well metal fits the scene of the mighty DOOM Slayer laying waste to the armies of evil.

That’s why, for this update of new songs to our official Slayers Club Spotify playlist, we’re going all-in on metal tracks. While the entire playlist contains a variety of tunes that keep the DOOM Eternal team company, this batch of tracks is dedicated to one thing: getting those heads banging and throwing up those horns!

Get to the Choppa - Austrian Death Machine

If the name of the song and the band didn’t make it obvious, this track draws its power from classic action films starring legendary actor/bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just like the flicks that made him famous, this song is high-octane, fast-paced and served with just a little tongue-in-cheek – perfect for a DOOM playlist.

Ruining the Show – Kickback, Profecy

French group Kickback and Colombian thrash act Profecy tack on no frills with ‘Ruining the Show’ – a straightforward hardcore track that’s lyrically and rhythmically primal. No gimmicks, no novelties, just good ol’ fashioned mosh pit material.

Time Keeper - Facing the Gallows

Hailing from South Africa, Facing the Gallows’ brutal sound brings us an excellent audio backdrop for booting up Super Gore Nest for another bout of slaying. Just crank up this track from their 2020 EP and let those growls, drum blasts and heavy riffs guide you to crush demon skulls left and right.

Guards of Contagion - Unearth

Boston metalcore giants Unearth have no shortage of songs when you need to go hard, be it through a challenging Master Level or a trying day of spreadsheets. If you need a place to start, ‘Guards of Contagion’ has been our head-banger de jour as we power through our own demons, (aka “responsibilities”).

Doom Machine - Raging Speedhorn

With a title like “Doom Machine” and a band name like “Raging Speedhorn,” the question isn’t if you’d be on a DOOM-inspired playlist, but when. This hard rocking track from the long-running British group combines classic guitar riffing reminiscent of metal’s earlier days with modern howls and breakneck speed that sparks our desire to step into the Slayer’s boots again.