Pick up the DOOM Slayers Collection today!

  • Dec 10, 2019
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

Experience id Software’s genre defining legacy with the DOOM Slayers Collection – assembling four demon destroying, critically acclaimed titles in one package!

DE Slayers Collection transparent

Available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems, the DOOM Slayers Collection contains DOOM (1993), DOOM II, DOOM 3 and the fan favorite franchise reboot, DOOM (2016)! The Slayers Collection is perfect for the DOOM aficionado looking to relive these fan-beloved games again – not to mention a gift to newbies who’ve yet to experience the thrill of firing the BFG-9000.

Whether you’re strafing down memory lane or tackling these hit games for the first time, pick up the DOOM Slayers Collection at your local retailer and rip and tear though Hell’s legions today! Once you’re caught up, prepare for the Slayer’s next great battle against evil when DOOM Eternal launches March 20, 2020.