Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #4: PDAs

  • July 05, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 DOOM Pickups – #4: PDAs

Even from its earliest days, DOOM loves to go over the top. Even with an arsenal of awesome weapons, a cast of vicious monsters to slay and enough speed to bring the two together in a supremely satisfying fashion, but what if you could have more?

What if you were even faster? Even stronger? Even more brutal? That’s what pickups bring to the table, and here are five of our favorites.

4. PDAs

Quick history lesson: In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, anyone who was anyone carried a personal digital assistant, or PDA. These magical devices could send e-mail, store and edit documents, and some could even view websites!

While the PDAs of today have gone the way of the dino in favor of smartphones, the ones found on the the UAC facility on Mars in DOOM 3 are a different story. Just every employee, guard and researcher is rocking a PDA - even in the year 2145!

When Hell breaks loose on Mars, however, those devices become a different kind of assistant. PDAs looted from corpses (of which there were many) contained audio logs and emails that often offered the Marine useful intel about enemies, access codes and even clues about secret areas in the facility.

PDAs also offered insight into the world, characters and goings-on of DOOM 3, something DOOM (2016) would carry on in spirit with Data Logs. These collectibles added entries to the game’s Codex - an extensive glossary of in-game topics such as weapons, UAC personnel, artifacts, environments and of course, demons.

It ain’t as flashy as a massive damage boost but, as the saying goes, knowledge is power!