Choose your look with DOOM Eternal’s custom HUDs!

  • Dec 13, 2019
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

The DOOM Slayer doesn’t follow the fashion scene, but that doesn’t mean DOOM fans don’t have an eye for aesthetics! Some keen fans spotted a few tweaks we’ve made to DOOM Eternal’s user interface after the debut of the Slayer’s fancy new Ice Bomb. A lot of you responded positively to the way the UI was coming along and today we’re excited to share that DOOM Eternal won’t have just one fixed HUD – it’s customizable.

Your Interface, Your Way

DOOM Eternal features an entire section of the settings menu devoted to the UI. From there, players can access over 20 options to tailor the display to their liking. These options range from choosing your crosshair style to scaling the HUD opacity. You can even toggle on or off select parts of the UI such as keycard stock, interaction prompts or even a boss’ health gauge.

Pining for a cinematic, minimal experience? Need as much data as possible on your health and munitions? Regardless of preference, DOOM Eternal has you covered – and we didn’t even bring up color schemes yet!

UI Color Change

Stylish AND Accessible

That’s right, DOOM Eternal will also let you change the color of its custom user interface. By changing the “UI Color Profile” option, players can switch between six schemes from the green-and-orange ‘Default’ setting to the blue-and-purple ‘Demons’ setting to an ominous all-red ‘Exterminator’ look.

It’s not just about personal preference; DOOM Eternal will also launch with three colorblind UI modes! These modes provide added accessibility for players with protanopia, tritanopia or deuteranopia color blindness. Of course, there’s another visual option we know DOOM fans are clamoring for…


Front and Center

The Classic Weapon Pose is back! With just one toggle in the settings menu, players can enjoy old-school positioning for their demon-slaying arsenal. Recreate the classic centered look of the Plasma Gun raining blue electric justice or swap back to the modern right-hand position any time you wish!

No matter how you lay out his visor, we can’t wait for players to become the DOOM Slayer and Raze Hell when DOOM Eternal launches March 20, 2020!