5 Things Every DOOM Modder Needs – 2: A WAD Launcher

  • Aug 18, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
5 Things Every DOOM Modder Needs – 2: A WAD Launcher

One of the most revolutionary things about the original DOOM was its customizability. Built from the ground-up to be easily modified, DOOM (1993) and DOOM II may not have created the PC modding scene, but they sure kicked it into high gear, and to this day, DOOM is one of the most frequently and passionately modded games. Looking to dip your toe into that vast ocean? Here’s something you’ll need to get started.

2: A WAD Launcher

So, you’ve got yourself an engine that will run DOOM (1993) on your fancy new machine. You just fire that up and jump into the game, right? Well...not so fast. See, engine ports like ZDoom are focused primarily on just making it possible to play the game on a contemporary system. So, although you can load up a game via the engine’s executable, it’s not the most convenient way to play – especially if you want to try out a number of different mods.

For that, you’ll want a standalone launcher, or frontend. These programs allow you not only to load various mods (or WADs, in DOOM parlance – for “Where’s All the Data?”), but to organize and keep track of all the various mods you’ve downloaded and installed. We suggest ZDL, as it’s the most widely used and one of the most robust, allowing you to not only keep track of your mods but to choose which engine you want to load them in. Whichever launcher you choose, good organization will be a key tool in your modding toolbelt.