Did You Know? – The Color of DOOM

  • July 01, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Did You Know? – The Color of DOOM

After 25 years, a series like DOOM is guaranteed to collect its share of fun facts and interesting trivia. Thankfully, you don’t have to be the world’s most dedicated fan or a development insider to learn some of the coolest stuff about this franchise – you have us!


The name for “DOOM” comes from a line in the film The Color of Money.

The Color of Money, released in 1986 and starring relative newcomer Tom Cruise alongside the legendary Paul Newman, focuses on a retired pool hustler and his young protégé. We’re not here to talk about the whole movie, however, but rather just one scene.

The setting is the interior of a pool hall. A patron approaches Tom Cruise’s character with a weary kind of swagger. He nods at the velvety case in Cruise’s lap. “What you got in there?”

“In here?” Cruise asks, lovingly caressing his case before opening it to reveal an intricately decorated pool cue.


And then Tom Cruise deploys what may very well be the biggest, Tom Cruise-iest grin in his entire body of work, and proceeds to obliterate the poor soul in pool, just heaping embarrassment upon embarrassment as he shows off skills that are simply on a whole other level.

“That,” said id Software co-founder John Carmack in a 1999 interview, “was how I viewed us springing the game on the industry.” The rest is history. And thanks to modern portable technology like the Nintendo Switch and gaming laptops you can recreate this scene and bring actual DOOM into a pool hall. (Just try not to get hustled.)