DOOMorabilia #2 – DOOM Movie Trading Cards

  • May 29, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhem

With over a quarter-century of history behind it, DOOM’s mark on the world is represented in more than just games. Join us as we find the odd, interesting and occasionally super-rare artifacts that molded DOOM into the franchise you know today!

DE DOOMorabilia Cards in-body 1

Official DOOM Movie Trading Cards

Back in 2005, Universal Studios released a certain movie starring a certain professional wrestler-turned-film actor “based” on DOOM. Like any other major motion picture, this film came with all kinds of merchandise to drum up hype and, in theory, serve fans itching to support their new favorite flick.

These sealed packs are from the official collectible card series for the 2005 DOOM film, printed by American publishing company, Artbox. Each pack contained eight randomly assorted cards, with 81 total cards for DOOM (movie) aficionados to collect – 72 regular cards plus nine rarer chase cards. One ultra-rare autographed card is supposedly promised in each booster box, meaning that cracking a lucky pack could net you a bona fide signature from a member of the DOOM (2005) cast tha- wait, what? An autograph?! Screw ‘mint condition,’ let’s see what’s inside!

DE DOOMorabilia Cards in-body 2

Boo, no autographs for us. (Don’t worry, we kept a couple packs unopened for future generations to, um, enjoy.)

While we didn’t luck out, you might if you come across a few packs at your local thrift store or flea market. Reception for the DOOM movie is…mixed, but love for Dwayne “Sarge” Johnson seems as strong as ever – The Rock’s autographed DOOM movie card currently sits at a nifty four grand in USD on eBay!