Top 5 Unforgettable DOOM Moments - #4: That Fist-Bump

  • Sept 27, 2019
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  • By: Joe Rybicki
Top 5 Unforgettable DOOM Moments - #4: That Fist-Bump

Yes, we know, all DOOM moments are unforgettable. But some are more unforgettable than others. Here are five of our favorites:

4. That Fist-Bump

One of DOOM (2016)’s more lighthearted elements comes from the lineup of 26 well-hidden DOOMGuy collectibles scattered throughout the game. Each of these adorable little action figures unlocks a new 3D model that can be reviewed in the game, and many of them reference games outside the DOOM series.

For example, there’s Vaultguy, with a blue-and-yellow color scheme referencing vault dwellers from the Fallout universe while Keenguy boasts the iconic purple shirt and yellow helmet of Commander Keen, the star of one of id Software’s very first games.

But it’s finding the original green DOOMGuy that leads to an adorably unforgettable moment. Upon picking up his mini-me, the Slayer carefully lifts its arm, twists its hand into position, and gently bumps his fist against the hand of his lil’ buddy – complete with “rock-to-rubble” finger-waggle. It’s a small thing, a brief moment, but makes a surprisingly large impact by showing the Slayer’s softer, gentler side.

And then, of course, it’s right back to the ol’ rip-and-tear.