Carve your way through GHOULS, GOURDS & GALLEONS in DOOM Eternal

  • Oct 21, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Ah, the autumnal season has come to DOOM Eternal. What better way to celebrate this time of the year with spooky costumes, candy and, er, some pirate antics? Prepare yourselves for GHOULS, GOURDS & GALLEONS.

DOOM-Eternal Ghouls,Gourds&Galleons community 960x1360-02-EN

Until November 23, trick-or-treat for some XP simply by playing DOOM Eternal and you can unlock festive in-game cosmetics like the Spooky Ghost Revenant, Pain-o’-Lantern Pain Elemental, the ‘Mom Made My Costume’ Slayer and the Le Manc Mancubus Master Collection!

How do you grab that sweet, sweet XP? Easy! Beat campaign levels, complete BATTLEMODE matches and complete weekly challenges. As you accrue XP, you’ll also unlock these seasonal, spooky goodies! Don’t wait until it’s too late – this event is for a limited time only, so jump into DOOM Eternal today. Demons beware, you’re in for a scare!