Praetor Puzzles #3

  • May 11, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
Praetor Puzzles #3

At its hardest difficulties, spotting a distant health or armor pickup instantly in DOOM can make the difference between being victorious…or demon chow.

Thankfully, the original DOOM’s recognizable health potions (which are making a triumphant return for DOOM Eternal!) and chunky green armor are burned into the memories of any Slayer worth their salt.

To really test your ability to spot these life-saving sights for sore eyes, we’ve placed five (5) health potions and one (1) armor pickup for you to find in the scene below! It won’t be easy – we’ve camouflaged all six items to blend into the environment, so you’ll have to locate their shapes to succeed.

YoD Praetor Puzzles 03 in-body

PRO TIP: You can right-click the image and select “Open link in new window” for a full-size version to scan through. Good luck!!

Think you’ve found them all? You can check out the solution for yourself here.