DOOM Level or Band Name? Vol. I

  • Sept 03, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhelm
DOOM Level or Band Name? Vol. I

When describing the DOOM series, throwing up some horns and screaming ‘metaaaal!’ ain’t a half-bad way of putting it. That’s why sometimes the line between the games and the hardcore music that inspired it (and vice-versa) can get blurred.

So, in this challenge of your DOOM knowledge and/or muscial chops, we will give a name of either a level from a DOOM game or a pretty sick band name. In the case both a DOOM level and a band share a name, we err on the side of the DOOM level because hey, it’s the Slayers Club. Ready? Go!


Okay, we thought it’d be a good idea to start off with something simple to get you all warmed up. While DOOM is certainly acquainted with its own Slayer, the infamous thrash metal band of the same name is what we had in mind here. Considered one of the ‘Big Four of Thrash’ alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax, Slayer’s fast and aggressive music is probably already familiar to a lot of old-school DOOM fans.

Demon Hunter

While another apt moniker for the DOOM Slayer, this is also another musical act and not a DOOM level. A metalcore group from Seattle, Washington, Demon Hunter may not take its name from DOOM’s rip-and-tearing protagonist, but it appears both the group and the Slayer share a similar distaste for Hell’s minions.

Terror Core

Though technically a genre of high speed, hardcore EDM known for distressing, industrial sounds, we’re giving this one to the 11th map from DOOM 64. Terror Core sets the player in a labyrinth of castle walls amidst a stormy purple sky where a Hell Knight ambush lurks behind every corner, certainly earning the ‘terror’ part of its name.

The Great Discord

An ominous title that certainly captures the chaos caused by demons invading our world, The Great Discord is a progressive metal group from Linköping, Sweden. Though not as in-your-face as Mick Gordon’s DOOM (2016) soundtrack, the gloomy and existential lyrics mixed with heavy metal riffs make The Great Discord’s great discography right at home in the ears of DOOM fans.

Kadingir Sanctum

Speaking of DOOM (2016), this one should also be a gimme – this level features the DOOM Slayer’s first tour of Hell in DOOM (2016)’s campaign and sheds some eye-opening details on the Slayer’s background and the UAC’s underhanded doings. Sure, the name does sound like a Dimmu Borgir side project but simply put, Kadingir Sanctum is just too good a DOOM level to confuse with anything else.