DOOM Eternal’s multiplayer BATTLEMODE revealed

  • June 09, 2019
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  • By: Parker Wilhem

ATTENTION SLAYERS: The release date for DOOM Eternal has changed to March 20, 2020. Learn more in the official announcement from id Software here.

DOOM’s multiplayer history can be traced all the way back to 1993 when it pioneered online shooter action as we know it today. Flash forward to 2019 and id Software continues to innovate new ways to duke it out with your friends in DOOM Eternal’s BATTLEMODE.

Three players, two teams, one intense match

In BATTLEMODE, one player takes on the role of the DOOM Slayer while two other players enter the fray as demons. The Slayer comes packing with a full arsenal to take on the deadly duo of baddies, ranging from the jetpacking Revenant to the thick-skinned Mancubus, in a best-of-five fight to the death.

Each class of demon has unique movement options, attacks and abilities to challenge the Slayer’s skills, making BATTLEMODE a lightning-fast blend of raw action and clever strategy.

Despite the raw demon-killing capability of the Slayer, the demon team has Hell’s armies at their command. That’s right – both demon players can spawn hellish AI-controlled reinforcements to attempt to overwhelm or outmaneuver the Slayer. Of course, this also gives the Slayer extra chances to Glory Kill foes for health, so the demon team must coordinate their efforts to get the upper hand on their target.

This is only a tease of what’s to come in DOOM Eternal’s new multiplayer mode. Stay tuned for more details about BATTLEMODE next month as the Year of DOOM rages on at QuakeCon 2019!

Developed by id Software, DOOM Eternal is the direct sequel to DOOM, winner of The Game Awards’ Best Action Game of 2016. Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you rip-and-tear your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat. Powered by idTech 7 and set to an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, DOOM Eternal puts you in control of the unstoppable DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons in unbelievable and never-before-seen worlds.

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