SLAYERS CLUB X G FUEL: Argent-Boosted Spicy Demon’ade

  • Jan 23, 2021
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhelm

Tackling Hell itself is exhausting work for those of us without the DOOM Slayer’s unquenchable rage and seemingly infinite stamina. Thankfully, our partners at G FUEL concocted a Spicy Demon’ade energy formula to help DOOM fans power through another day of slaying demons, spreadsheets or any other evils that get in their way.

Because this is the Slayers Club, we took to the UAC mess hall and crafted some unique concoctions using this DOOMified drink mix. Have your own idea for G FUELed creation worthy of the Slayer? Show what you’ve come up with to our official DOOM Twitter account so we can check out your incredible concoctions!

Argent-Boosted Spicy Demon’ade

This technique takes good ol’ G FUEL and throws in some carbonated mixins’ and a garnish to show just how classy this Demon’ade can get! Plus, you get a whole pitcher of the stuff, so there’s no worry about running out too soon.

DE Argent Demonade ingr in-body


  • 2 liters carbonated water or club soda
  • 1 (6 ounce) can frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 3 G FUEL Spicy Demon’ade
  • Ice, paprika or chili pepper for garnish


  • Pitcher
  • An old-fashioned wooden spoon

DE Argent Demonade prep in-body


  • Combine carbonated water or club soda with lemonade concentrate and mix, stirring in three scoops of G FUEL Spicy Demon’ade. (Slowly to prevent on overflow of carbonation! Otherwise that’s how you’re gonna get a mess.)
  • Serve chilled over ice; garnish with a split chili pepper or dash of paprika
  • Th-that’s it. You’re done. Simplicity is this drink’s genius.

NOTE: A serving of G FUEL (1 scoop) contains approximately 140mg of caffeine. Consult a physician before consuming G FUEL if you are pregnant, nursing, sensitive to caffeine, have a medical condition, high blood pressure or heart issues.