DOOM 3: VR Edition Release FAQ

  • Mar 29, 2021
  • |
  • By: Joshua Boyle

We are proud to be launching DOOM 3: VR Edition, a new way to experience all of the pulse pounding action-horror campaign content of DOOM 3 on PlayStation 4.

What’s new and different to DOOM 3 VR?

  • PlayStation® Aim and DualShock 4 support
  • Lean, fire and blind-fire from cover
  • Snap and smooth movement options
  • Grenade trajectory trail
  • Wrist Mounted HUD
  • Increased normal map and texture resolution resolutions
  • Removed many flashing lights but lighting/atmosphere stays close to original 
  • Fully modeled weapons that can be viewed from all angles
  • Re-imagined weapon sounds and visual effects
  • Enhanced Audio for VR using environmental reverb

D3VR 16

What content is included?

  • DOOM 3 base campaign
  • Resurrection of Evil expansion
  • The Lost Missions expansion

D3VR 22

What controllers are supported?

  • DualShock 4 (we recommend you play sitting down if you use the DualShock 4)
  • PlayStation® Aim (we recommend you play standing up if you use the PlayStation Aim)

What controllers are NOT supported?

  • DualSense Wireless
  • PlayStation® Move

D3VR 20

Can I play DOOM 3: VR Edition on PlayStation 5?

  • Yes. You can play DOOM 3: VR Edition on PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility

D3VR 41

Known Issues

  • Player may observe some momentary dips in frame rate during intense combat or in specific situations but do not affect gameplay in a significant manner
  • When quitting to the main menu, additional enlarged menu UI may appear in headset view momentarily
  • Hands and weapons may momentarily go through or touch UI elements in game
  • Grenade trajectory trail may not display properly when pointing straight ahead
  • Players may observe some text overlap or overflow on certain UI elements
  • Player progression can become blocked if attempting to activate the Delta Main Elevator in Delta Labs 1 before restoring power to the reactor core – this is a legacy issue from the original release

Resolution: Player must load an earlier save before interacting with the Delta Main Elevator or restart campaign progression to bypass the issue