Pick up the latest DOOM Eternal gear before it’s gone!

  • Sept 30, 2020
  • |
  • By: Parker Wilhem

A series like DOOM simply cannot be contained to just the games – Slayers like yourselves who live for DOOM also love to collect DOOM, wear DOOM and frame DOOM up on your walls.

Thankfully, we’ve teamed up with some great partners to bring fans a growing list of awesome DOOM merchandise for you to own through the official Bethesda Gear Store. Don’t know where to start? Here are some cool products just hitting the Store worth checking out:


DE NA jacket in-body

Our badass DOOM Slayer hooded jack returns to the Store – this time with a slick black version! Sporting a wax-coated twill exterior and sublimated interior lining depicting the Slayer doing what he does best, this piece of outerwear is eye-catching both inside and out!


This 4.4in-tall polyresin collectible makes for the perfect tribute to DOOM Eternal’s tanky flying meatball o’ suffering. Individually numbered and hand-painted, this Pain Elemental statue looks great on your shelf and, in a pinch, can double as an intimidating miniature for your next tabletop RPG session, (don’t pretend like it didn’t cross your mind.)


When Hugo Martin teased that we were cooking up some real-life replicas of DOOM Eternal’s in-game collectible characters, we meant it! You can now get your own Mini Tyrant to add to your IRL collection – no searching through nooks and crannies of Hell required!


DE NA shadowbox in-body

Our pals over at Artovision are back with another DOOMtastic shadowbox! Digitally printed with UV-cured ink on multiple acrylic panels, the shadowbox reimagines the cover art for DOOM Eternal with a cool 3D effect sure to class up the office, gaming den or Sentinel stronghold of any self-respecting Slayer.


DE NA slayer-bundle in-body

Show your devotion to DOOM – or make the day of any DOOM fan in your life – with this high-value gift bundle. Uncover a special Astro skin variant of our DOOM Mini Slayer Collectible figure, alongside a hangable Mark of the Slayer Banner and two demon-themed iron-on embroidery patches!

While some of these items are still available for pre-order, don’t hesitate too long – these awesome products are sure to go fast! Grab your DOOM merch today and keep an eye on the Slayers Club for news on our next drop. For those across the pond, be sure to also check out our official Bethesda Store EU for more cool DOOM goodies!