Who’s ready for two minutes of DOOM Eternal’s Glory Kills?

By: Parker Wilhelm


Ah, the Glory Kill. It finishes off tough demons with brutal efficiency. It replenishes your health. It’s even the Slayers Club fan art theme for February! The only thing Glory Kills can’t do, it seems, is keep a beaten demon intact.

The latest from our month-long team-up with IGN First, we are proud to present 45 bone-breaking, head-splitting, spine-ripping and demon-vanquishing Glory Kills you’ll get to pull off in DOOM Eternal! It goes without saying, but those at work or have little Slayers around: Be advised – there’s gonna be a lot of violence:

Of course, this is only a portion of the ripping and tearing awaiting Hell’s minions in DOOM Eternal. You’ll be able to witness every possible way the Slayer can dispatch a demon for yourself when DOOM Eternal launches March 20! For more coverage, keep an eye on the Slayers Club and IGN First!

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