Slayers Club — the official id Software fan club — is changing

By: id Software


When we launched Slayers Club in 2018, fans of DOOM banded into an inspired community dedicated to killing demons and celebrating one of the most legendary game franchises of all time. But like the DOOM Slayer himself, the Club must stay limber for the battles ahead.

That’s why we’re updating the Slayers Club website to bring you a faster, more responsive experience as well as expanding our coverage beyond DOOM Eternal to include more id Software titles. We’re also refining our content efforts to provide fans with more exciting in-game opportunities, community building, merchandise and even some special events focused on you, members of the club.

However, with a new website and new code come some changes. While the Slayers Club remains a hub for fans of DOOM, Quake, RAGE, Wolfenstein and all things id to come together, some website features launched in 2018 will be phasing out, primarily the Slayer Points system. Upon the launch of our updated site, the gamification features of the Slayers Club website will no longer be available.

For those who’ve amassed quite a few Slayer Points and made it atop our prestigious leaderboards, we have good news: We plan to preserve the top members’ tallies with a commemorative leaderboard saluting our most dedicated members. As always, you can still join the Club for free and we have more we’re not quite ready to share just yet, including plans for future enhancements, content, merch and rewards, so stay tuned!

From stellar cosplay to incredible fan art to endlessly finding imaginative ways to run DOOM (1993) on unconventional hardware, Slayers Club members always impress us with their creativity and passion for the games, characters, worlds and lore that we love to create, and we can’t wait to share with you what’s next.

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