Play your way with Mighty DOOM controller support!

By: Parker Wilhelm


In Mighty DOOM, the Mini Slayer can strafe, shoot and dish out over-the-top Glory Kills all while using an intuitive one-touch control system. For players who prefer a gamepad experience, we’re pleased to let you know that Mighty DOOM also supports controllers over Bluetooth!

Mighty DOOM supports most major Bluetooth gamepads such as the Xbox Wireless Controller, Joy-Con controller or DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller. Please consult your manufacturer’s information for details on pairing your controller to your device.

Consult the diagram for the default button mappings for playing Mighty DOOM on a controller. Note that depending on manufacturer, your controller may feature a different button layout or configuration.

MD Controller EN in-body

PROTIP: Using this control scheme, you can play Mighty DOOM either one- or two-handed without changing the configuration!

Learn more about Mighty DOOM at .

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