DOOM Eternal Nintendo Switch FAQ & Known Issues

By: Bethesda Softworks


When can I download DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch?

  • December 8, 2020 at midnight 00:00am ET

Where can I buy DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch?

  • Directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop, or via direct digital codes from select retailers

Why can't I purchase DOOM Eternal from the Nintendo Switch eShop?

  • DOOM Eternal is a Bundle product on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Searching for 'DOOM Eternal' will result in seeing both a Bundle product and a standard product in the results. Make sure to select the Bundle to locate the purchase option

What's the game's Storage Size?

  • DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch is 17.5gb

Is there a physical cartridge edition of DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch available?

  • Not at this time - DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch is available only as a digital download

I pre-ordered DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch from a retailer prior to 12/8 and I have received notice that my order has been cancelled. What do I do?

  • If you pre-ordered DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch from retailers before 12/8 - please reach out to your retailer for instructions

How can I get the "early purchase" bonus (Rip & Tear Pack + DOOM 64) of DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch?

For customers inside US, Canada, Latin America:

  • The Rip & Tear content will be automatically downloaded and applied to your game. This would be the same as if you purchased the pack of additional content and it would be applied to you in the same way.
  • A Nintendo eShop digital download code of DOOM 64 will automatically be sent to your e-mail that is associated with the Nintendo Account that purchased DOOM Eternal/redeemed a download code of DOOM Eternal.
  • NO CODES for bonus content will be provided at retail
  • You have until 8:59AM PT/11:59AM ET on December 23rd to redeem your purchased DOOM Eternal Nintendo code from retail to get the bonus items
  • Please note that this timing ONLY applies to the US, Canada, Latin American market as other territories may execute their end times slightly differently

__For customers inside Europe, Asia, Japan & ANZ: __

  • If you purchased and redeemed DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch eShop from 12/8, 06:00 CET - 12/22, 05:59 CET the “early purchase” bonus will be auto-redeemed for you
  • If you pre ordered or purchased DOOM Eternal from a retailer and redeemed before 12/22, 05:59 CET the “early purchase” bonus will be auto-redeemed for you

What languages will be supported?

English/French/Italian/German/Spanish (Spain)/Spanish (Mexico)/Brazilian-Portuguese/Russian/Japanese - Text and Speech

Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean – Text only

Are there any unique controls for DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch?

DOOM Eternal has optional gyroscopic controls that can be tuned and turned ON/OFF in the main menu and are compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

Will DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch have multiplayer?

Yes, BATTLEMODE is a 2 versus 1 multiplayer experience that pits a fully-armed DOOM Slayer against two player-controlled demons, fighting it out in a best-of-five round match of intense first-person combat

When will The Ancient Gods: Part One release on the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM Eternal?

The Ancient Gods: Part One will arrive at a later date. We’ll share specific release information as soon as we can!

Will I have all of the DOOM Eternal cosmetics I've redeemed on Slayers Club, the Re-releases of DOOM (1993) & DOOM II and Twitch Prime Loot?

So long as you login to the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM Eternal with the same account, you will have all the cosmetics to your linked account. For more information about linking accounts click here.

What about the cosmetics I've earned during DOOM Eternal's in-game Events on a different platform?

Cosmetics earned in-game in DOOM Eternal on a different platform will not carry over to the Nintendo Switch version.

Install Steps

  1. Ensure the Nintendo Switch or inserted memory card has enough space for the application (17.5 GB)
  2. Open the Nintendo eShop
  3. Select the user account you wish to purchase the game with
  4. Once signed into the Nintendo eShop, search for 'DOOM Eternal'
  5. From the search results find the version of DOOM Eternal you want to purchase and select it
  6. Select the “Proceed to Purchase” option
  7. Go through the purchase flow to successfully buy the game
  8. Once the purchase is complete the application install will begin immediately. This will download all content included in the bundle. DOOM Eternal will install to the latest eShop release (currently 1.2). When bundled content includes DOOM 64, it may begin installation prior to DOOM Eternal

Nintendo Switch Catch Up Reward

DE Switch Event 960x540

We would like to thank all Nintendo Switch players for their patience. As a token of our gratitude please enjoy these progressible sets. Complete weekly challenges and earn Event XP to unlock all the items in each set.

Known Issues

  • Issue: Players in the Recent Players menu appear to be removed from the list of boosters without any player input

Resolution: A known issue with the Boosters menu results in more than 3 Boosters appearing when replacing Boosters. The replaced Boosters are removed when returning to the menu later.

  • Issue: The equipment launcher appears pink while using flame belch and taking a photo in Photo Mode

Resolution: A known issue that occurs when using photo mode and the Onslaught power up or cheat code causes the equipment launcher to appear this way

  • Issue: The Slayer falls through the bottom of the West cannon elevator when reaching the top in ARC Complex

Resolution: This has been observed when the Slayer is standing in a very specific position on the edge of the elevator. Standing in the center of the elevator resolves this issue

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