DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two & Update 5 Release Notes

By: Joshua Boyle


We are proud to release the epic conclusion to the DOOM Slayer's saga in the final campaign expansion for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two. Experience three never-before-seen locations, deadly new enemy variants, and a stunning new weapon. It's some of our best work to date, so we hope you enjoy battling through the final chapter in the DOOM Slayer's saga!

Spoiler Warning: These notes cover a lot of new content, so consider yourself warned if you wish to avoid any potential spoilers!

New Features for The Ancient Gods - Part Two for ALL platforms

DE.TAGP2 3MAPS 960x540

Three New DOOM Eternal Campaign Maps (requires purchase of The Ancient Gods - Part Two, Deluxe Edition, or the Year One Pass)

  • The World Spear

The Slayer must seek out the World Spear on his journey to face the Dark Lord, as only a mysterious artifact hidden within the crystalline monolith will open the way to Immora. The cosmic spire towers over Argent D’Nur, with only those deemed worthy allowed entrance inside...

  • Reclaimed Earth

Hell’s invasion of Earth has failed, and the ARC has led human resistance in the fight to reclaim the planet. The Slayer must locate the Gate of Divum, an ancient artifact of the Father’s design, within the ruins of an overgrown city. Once activated, the path to Immora will be opened...

  • Immora

The final battle has begun. Using the Gate of Divum to access the heart of Hell, the Slayer now stands before the gates of Immora ready to face the Dark Lord. Armies now gather as the dark realm prepares for war and the coming conflict will decide the fate of all...

Barbarian.Slayer 960x540

  • Barbarian Slayer Master Collection

"True strength of steel is in the hand that wields it." Gaze upon the Barbarian Slayer! This gallant barechested cosmetic is instantly unlocked upon purchase of The Ancient Gods - Part Two, Deluxe Edition, or the Year One Pass. Like all Master Collections, the Barbarian Slayer is loaded with progressibles like a slick podium, new podium animations, alternate skins, icons and player badges. For more info on how to progress through Master Collections click here.

DE.Hammer 960x540 ESRB

  • New Weapon: Sentinel Hammer

A sacred weapon wielded by Commander Valen of the Sentinel armies. Powered by a massive infusion of Wraith energy, the Sentinel Hammer allows its wielder to stun and extract resources from demonic foes.

DE.MeatHook 960x540 ESRB

  • New World Traversal Option: Super Shotgun MeatHook Grapple Points

Use the Super Shotgun's Meat Hook on Grapple Points to traverse the world. Push yourself in the opposite direction of the Grapple Point to generate the momentum needed to round corners. Combine Double Jump, Dash and additional Grapple Points in the air to complete traversal puzzles.

  • New Enemy Variants

DE.TAG.P2.ArmoredBaron 960x540

  • Armored Baron

The Armored Barons are powerful foes grafted with the technology of Immora. Just outside the city gates, they patrol with morning star gauntlets cursed by the Dark Lord himself; one devastating strike obliterates both body and soul. Even the Maykrs fear these creations of demon and machine, for their carnage is unquenchable.

DE.TAG.P2.CursedProwler 960x540

  • Cursed Prowler

A binding curse of necrotic poison drips from the claws of the Cursed Prowler. Known in Hell to be one of the most treacherous forms of blood magic, only a few have the teachings to conjure such sorcery. Yet, Prowlers from the deepest and darkest hellpits have evolved to naturally produce such power from their fingertips. One swipe curdles the blood of their victim and drains them of their essence with each heartbeat. The only way to cease the curse is to kill the caster.

DE.TAG.P2.HellTroopers 304x540

  • Demonic Troopers

Immora’s warrior caste defends the ancient city, keeping watch over the walls since the betrayal of their creator millennia ago. The imperial guard of Davoth remains an honored position amongst the citizens of Immora, wielding armor and weapons forged in the fires of hate and suffering. Their loyalty and devotion to Davoth is unwavering, having waited eons for the return of their rightful leader.

DE.TAG.P2.Screecher 304x540

  • Screecher

The Screechers were once human worshippers of the Ra'Itha Va'Tuum, an ancient Hell cult, but instead of being rewarded for their devotion they were tortured in the Citadel of Anguish for millennia. They became malformed by their frustrations over the life-long deceit. Their blood-curdling screams of anger had fermented into something far more potent, an intoxicating power desired by all demon-kind.

DE.TAG.P2.StoneImp 304x540

  • Stone Imp

Imps that lost their lives on the battlefield are cast into the volcanic pits of the Burning Abyss. Bathed in Argent-befouled basalt and slag, they emerge reborn with flesh of stone. The new hide of the Stone Imp is impenetrable to most known weapons; only rapid multi-vibrations or the crushing force of a Sentinel Hammer can damage their rock-like exterior. In addition to their retained agility, Stone Imps can channel the pits of their rebirth and self-immolate in Hellfire.

DE.TAG.P2.RiotSoldier 304x540

  • Riot Soldier

Like their fallen comrades in arms, the once-valiant heavy infantry for Earth’s defenses have now succumbed to the darkness. Now marching under the banner of the Dark Lord, they unleash a firestorm upon humanity, Sentinels, and any other thing in their warpath. Emboldened by blessed shields raided from Urdak, the riot soldiers firmly assert their dominance within combat.

DE.TAG.P2.TheDarkLord 960x540

  • New Boss Fight: The Dark Lord

Ancient gods bear witness as the Slayer and The Dark Lord enact the rite of combat before the throne room of Immora, a challenge to determine the fate of existence.

DE.TAGP2.Escalation 960x540

  • Escalation Encounters

Escalation Encounters are encounters with two waves of increasing difficulty. Only the second wave is optional.

Beating the first wave grants a Sentinel Hammer upgrade. Beating the second wave grants a cosmetic. 960x540

  • Exclusive Deluxe Slayer Skins in each level

Exploration has never been more rewarding! If you can complete the optional second Escalation Encounter in each level, you will unlock new Slayer skins.

Deluxe Slayer Skins include:

  • World Spear
  • Survivor
  • Hellforged

DE.TAGP2 SlayerSkins3 960x540

  • New Milestones means New Rewards

The Ancient Gods - Part Two has a whole new set of milestone challenges, which unlocks new gear when completed:

  • Skins
  • Podiums
  • Icons
  • Player Badges
  • Podium Animations
  • Weapons Skins
  • Menu Backgrounds
  • Gold Barbarian Slayer Skin for completing the new expansion in Extra Life mode with 5 Extra Lives in your inventory

Weapon Note: The Crucible is not available in The Ancient Gods – Part Two. This is by design.

Known Issues - ALL platforms

The Ancient Gods - Part Two - Campaign

  • Mancubus glory kills focused on their heads do not return a 1UP while using Take Back Support Rune
  • Manually reloading the checkpoint after the wall breach combat encounter in Immora may result in AI, environment hazards and effects not loading. The recommended workaround if encountered as of now is to restart the level.
  • In Earth Reclaimed the Cacodemon in front of the UAC Fortress entrance may respawn invisible and attack the Slayer

FAQ - Microsoft Store (PC)

The Ancient Gods - Part Two

Issue: I've purchased The Ancient Gods Part 2 from the Microsoft Store (PC) but when I attempt to access the content I'm prompted to purchase the DLC again.

Resolution: Select the 'Go Now' button in the purchase prompt and then choose "Install" on the menu that appears. This will activate the content.

DOOM Eternal: Update 5 Patch Notes

DE Update5 960x540

General Updates - for ALL platforms

DE.TAGP2.Reticle-In-Game 960px

DE.TAGP2.Reticle-Ability-Indicator 960px

DE.TAGP2.Reticle-UI.Menu 960px

  • New "Racecar" HUD Options

A new, optional feature known as the Reticle Ability Indicator allows you to position icons for certain important mechanics near your reticle so you are able to track when they are ready to use and improve your effectiveness.

DE.TAGP2.WeaponDelayMenuUI 960px

  • New Weapon Wheel Open Delay (in milliseconds)

Adjust switch weapon versus Weapon Wheel timing based on the button press/hold


Fixed a variety of issues around the Blood Punch not triggering, and Chainsaw input not registering a target

Doom BattleMode Logo Keyable 500

New BATTLEMODE Updates for ALL platforms

BATTLEMODE Characters Slayer.245x278




  • Hitting a demon player with a Blood Punch guarantees BFG ammo to drop for the Slayer player
  • Glory killing AI will no longer have a chance to drop BFG ammo



  • Added NEW Slayer Upgrade - UAC Firepower
  • Increases plasma gun damage by 25% and reduces Ballista damage by 50%
  • Removed Slayer’s Speed Demon round upgrade – replaced with UAC Firepower upgrade

Endless Rage


  • Increased Slayer boost duration w/ the Endless Rage power upgrade from 3 to 5 sec

Master Carver


  • Removed Master Carve ammo buff – the ammo from that upgrade has been added to the Slayer’s base kit

Fists of Fury


  • Blood Punch charge is given on round start after acquiring Fists of Fury



  • Cooldown reduction added to Bonus Boom upgrade


  • Slayer melee damage to player demons is now only 1 damage




  • Removed Loot Block cooldown reduction from Tactician upgrade for demon players (cooldown is now a consistent 40 sec)
  • Loot Block duration increased from 3 to 3.5 sec
  • BFG ammo is no longer affected by Loot Block

Team Heal


  • Behavior has been changed to heal-over-time instead of instant heal
  • 8 sec duration - No change in heal percentages - still 30% on PC and 20% on Console



  • Noxious Hazard ability damage no longer stacks when two are placed on top of a Slayer player


  • Demon respawn protection increased from 3 to 5 sec

BATTLEMODE Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed an issue in which the Slayer could fire the Full Auto Mod and Sticky Bomb Mod at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where vacuumed health drops that were not picked up turned invisible but remained active
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Archvile to place the Flame Wall on top of the Slayer
  • Fixed a bug where the Extinction Level Slayer Milestone did not track when demon players were killed with the BFG

Campaign Fixes for ALL platforms

  • Fixed a bug where reloading a checkpoint or exiting to the Main Menu shortly after unlocking Fast Travel for any level resulted in Fast Travel becoming unavailable.  

Known Issues - ALL platforms


  • ModBot – the Slayer animates for current equipped mod, not for what is acquired, then doesn't switch to new mod. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming update. In the interim, manually equip the new mod as a workaround.


  • VFX persist when killed while under the effects of Team Heal
  • The Slayer can burn a Chainsaw pip when attempting to use the Chainsaw on a ledge-grabbing demon
  • The Revenant's lasers may persist in third person after firing a Rocket Barrage

Known Issues - PC Only


  • Skyboxes appear grainy on the AMD Vega 56 GPU
  • For best performance on the NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU, use driver version 457.51 (you can download them from NVIDIA here)
  • Players using an NVIDIA GTX 1050i may experience a black flickering effect when playing with V-Sync set to “Triple Buffering” or “On”. If encountered, use a different V-Sync setting as a workaround.


  • The Archvile’s Flame Wall upgrade may not consistently produce fireballs when taking fire from the Slayer

Full FAQ can be found here.

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