DOOM Eternal Dev Diary: Unbox cool cosmetics and more with in-game Events!

By: Parker Wilhelm


DOOM Eternal is almost here! As we hype up for March 20, id Software’s latest developer diary gives us another look at the game. Check out the video below:

Link your account, get those rewards

Make sure you’re prepared for DOOM Eternal’s arrival by linking your account to your preferred platform(s). You’ll need to link your account to get the content you’ve unlocked from the Slayers Club - getting a head start now will help save you some time when the game launches.

If you haven’t yet, sign up for free account today and join the Slayers Club to unlock the Zombie Slayer skin!

Staying connected

DOOM Eternal comes fully integrated with online features rewarding your skills with XP, unlocking awesome cosmetics like player skins, weapon skins, nameplates, podiums and more to personalize your experience in the single-player Campaign, BATTLEMODE and even the main menu. And yes, you can earn XP for Events just by playing the Campaign!

To track Events progress and ensure you get your in-game rewards, a account login is required to enjoy DOOM Eternal online – there is no ‘offline mode’ for the game while connected to the internet.

If your platform of choice isn’t hooked up to the internet, don’t worry - players can still rip and tear through DOOM Eternal’s single-player Campaign offline. Only online features like BATTLEMODE, Invasion and progression towards DOOM Eternal’s in-game Events will be unavailable without an internet connection.

For more on the awesome content coming to DOOM Eternal, keep an eye on the Slayers Club. RAZE HELL on 03.20.2020 when DOOM Eternal launches for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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